Sub Genova offers naval and leisure services such as polishing shafts and propellers, cavitation hull cleaning, maintenance of sea intakes, maintenance of loading and unloading, propeller replacement, Bow Thruster maintenance, and mechanical repairs.

Our services

Cleaning and polishing propellers and shafts

With our cleaning and polishing service, our goal is to restore the shafts and propellers of yachts and motor ships to their original condition by removing all types of encrustation, ensuring optimal performance.

The service is carried out in two phases:

  • Cleaning with a high-pressure washer
  • Polishing with an abrasive brush powered by a hydraulic unit.
    We perform an expert inspection before and after the treatment, providing the client with videos and photos of the conditions before, during, and after the work is completed.
    Upon request and if necessary, we carry out the replacement of zincs, both bolted and welded to the hull.

Our services

Cavitation cleaning of hulls with silicone-based paints

Sub Genova offers the innovative cavitation cleaning service on all types of boats equipped with silicone-based antifouling.
Cavitation cleaning is an innovative and revolutionary cleaning service that does not rely on traditional pressure washers but instead uses cavitation jet washers.

Since the protective antifouling paints are elastic and compact, they passively undergo the effect of micro-implosions, absorbing only a minimal part of their energy and therefore remaining intact.
Summary of service benefits:

  • Certified by International Paint for cleaning surfaces treated with silicone-based paints.
  • Compliant with environmental laws as it does not disperse paint into the water.
  • Rapid and efficient interventions, eliminating the costly need for ship downtime for maintenance.
  • Completely safe for the operator using it.
  • Delivery to the client of a CD-ROM including inspections conducted before, during, and after completion of the work.

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