Sub Genova passionately and expertly manages underwater and maritime construction projects.

All our operators are highly qualified and hold the necessary certifications to perform any activity and service in underwater and coastal environments.

We can operate in all Italian port waters and inland waters such as lakes and dams, up to a depth of 50 meters.

Our services

Underwater welding

Following a detailed inspection and coordination with the client, thanks to the experience of our certified operators, we perform even structural underwater weldings, using state-of-the-art specific equipment.
Underwater welding operations may be required for tasks such as hull repairs, attaching sacrificial anodes, metalwork for maritime constructions, and pipeline repairs, among others. This specialized process is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of various underwater structures and vessels.

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Oxy-arc underwater cutting

Following a detailed inspection of the work area and having developed a cutting plan in coordination with the client, we are able to cut any type of iron or steel structure such as sheet piles, grids, chains, pipes, and frameworks for maritime constructions, using specialized equipment like the Broco Torch.


Our services

Mechanical repairs

Our underwater technical operators carry out mechanical repairs on any type of submerged structure such as maritime structures, underwater pipelines, thruster propellers, bow thrusters, shafts, sea chests, etc.

Thanks to our collaboration with specialized naval mechanical workshops, we are capable of installing and/or repairing complex components found on the hull apparatus of motor ships and motor yachts in aquatic environments.

Our services

Application of anti-corrosive resins

With the use of our operators and our support vessel, we can apply two-component protective resins on all types of load-bearing metal structures such as dock pilings, sheet piles, lifting eyes, and any submerged iron structure.

Our services

Underwater demolition

The company professionally and with utmost attention to the safety of operators, handles underwater demolition operations of all sizes.

For controlled demolitions of large concrete structures, we use diamond wire to reduce their size and weight.
Subsequently, they are removed using a mobile crane or a floating barge, depending on the area of operation.

For smaller demolitions, we use state-of-the-art hydraulic equipment such as diamond disc grinders, shears, and pneumatic hammers.

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