Sub Genova offers a comprehensive service for mooring and maintenance of docks.

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Dock maintenance and boat moorings

With the term “comprehensive,” we mean that we handle everything from the design to the installation of docks and related moorings (placement and/or movement of mooring bodies and respective anchoring chains), managed and regulated by the relevant authorities, down to individual moorings managed by private clients.

Our goal is to constantly monitor the condition of every part that constitutes the mooring, keeping it effective to avoid any inconvenience or breakages that could cause damage to both the private boat and the mooring dock itself.

All of this is made possible by using high-quality materials and constant quality control of the materials already in use.
Monitoring the conditions of the moorings, upon request, can be filmed and documented for the entities that require a visualization of the real efficiency of the system.

The efficiency of our services stems from our experience in the field, acquired over more than 15 years of work in the Ligurian port areas, and from the use of suitable equipment, which makes the service safe and quick to execute. What makes our collaboration advantageous is the emergency service, always available for both the competent port authority and individual private clients.

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